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Not Knowing

Not knowing can feel unbearable. Not knowing where to go and how to go on in life. Threatening, no more solid ground, everything breaks away. The familiar structure collapses. The life plan no longer makes sense.

It takes courage to admit this to oneself. And yet it simply happens at some point. Often in the middle of life. The dissatisfaction has become pressing.

Pressure to change.

Everything cries out for action. Finding a solution. A plan. A new life. Now. Immediately.

Wild actionism sets in. The uncertainty is unbearable. A new job, new training, new relationship, new environment, or even quitting altogether?

Hours on the internet, the land of unlimited possibilities. The fast track, adding to the confusion.

Maybe there is no shortcut.

Not knowing holds uncertainty, fear, doubt and obscurity. But also mystery and the potential of what is to come.

To give space to not knowing. To sit down in the middle of this space. Breathe out. Appreciate it. Allowing time.

Not knowing as the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. As a starting point for adventure into new, unknown realms.

"The future we want has to be invented. Otherwise we will get one we don't want."

Joseph Beuys

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